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Elton John to make a Hip Hop album with Dr Dre!

August 27, 2006

Elton John was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine and has said that he would like to bring his music together with Hip Hop beats.  Elton said that he would like to work with Dr Dre and a host of hip hop artists including Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Eminem, Pharell Williams and Kanye West.

Check out the interview on the Rolling Stone website:

Rolling Stone Magazine – Elton John – “My next record will be Hip Hop”


Press Release: Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, and Kurupt launch the new hot DVD magazine

July 29, 2006

Below is a press release on developments over at DPGC – Snoop Dogg, Daz and Kurupt and launching a DVD magazine which aims to give fans an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, new rappers in the game, tips on how to get involved in the industry and also how to promote music effectively.  The DVD will be out in August in the USA and worldwide in September…

Check it out, and let us know what you think of this new development by leaving your comments. 

Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, and Kurupt launch the new hot DVD magazine 
Los Angeles, CA — July 26, 2006– Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, and Kurupt have not stopped recreating the brand for the West Coast this year.  They have decided to launch a DVD magazine that covers behind the scenes footage of the Dogg Pound as well as up and coming artists and issues that relate to the Urban community.  Ms. Shemia Miller, VP of Publicity reveals, “They consistently create business ventures that not only employ members from urban neighborhoods but also they create venues that give an outlet for creative expression.  This will be a wonderful business venture.”  With Snoop Dogg’s Cali Iz Active CD, Kurupt’s movie line ups and Daz Dillinger’s up coming album on So So Gangsta you’d wonder how would they find to create another business venture? Well they have.  They are intent on ensuring that there is a balance in the music industry.  Daz Dillinger explains, “We want to stay in complete contact with our fans.  This is evident by the way we have our My Space online, the way we are on tour with our fans is a clear indication that we are serious about fan appreciation, without them we wouldn’t be here.  This DVD demonstrates our love to them and for them.”  
No newcomer to multi-media, DPGC has decided to have Mr. Arnold White be the Associate Executive Producer on this project.  Snoop Dogg explains, “We are in full alliance and have a team of individuals who are going to ensure that we are modern and that we are staying in the fold of new and interactive trends.”   Dogg continues, “Our DVD actually will have content that the fans can choose themselves.  If they want to see more of my freestyles or if they would like to see how it is to go on tour, this is the DVD magazine to have.   They will receive exclusive things.  This is our backstage pass to our lives.”       
According to Dr. Kurupt, “The question I get most often is, ‘Who do you all think will be the next DPGC member or what songs are coming out next?’  This DVD will be the answer to the fans questions and actually to those who are interested in issues that isn’t covered by B.E.T news and the regular news channel.  It’s an array of things.”    Tha Dogg Pound DVD will hit the newsstands August, 2006 in selective stores.  And world wide September, 2006.    Arnold White reveals, “What is very important as a record label executive, I get ‘How do I become the next rapper, or the next promotions guy?  And this DVD magazine will have how to in that area as well.  It’s just an overall well thought out DVD magazine, and I am glad that Snoop Dogg, Daz and Kurupt are putting it out.” 
About Tha Dogg Pound DVD 
Tha Dogg Pound DVD is an interactive magazine that provides exclusive content and footage on Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt and the entire West Coast scene.  In addition the magazine hopes to capture the urban community and discuss issues that affect Hip Hop community worldwide.   Executive Producers are: Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, and Kurupt. Associate Executive Producer: 
Arnold White.  Associate Producers:  Shemia Miller, Young Breezy and Cartoon.