50 Cent and Sean “Diddy” Combs beef – What do you think?

What do you think of the beef between 50 Cent and Sean”Diddy” Combs?

– Is 50 Cent acting like a child because Diddy won’t release Mase from his Bad Boy Records Contract?

– Is Diddy playing it cool? He has only hit back with one line “I am Richer Bitch” in a track from his latest album, Press Play.

– Is 50 Cent simply looking for publicity by trying to diss the biggest man in Hip Hop, Sean “Diddy” Combs?

Let us know you thoughts about the beef which was quashed on Wednesday.


35 Responses to “50 Cent and Sean “Diddy” Combs beef – What do you think?”

  1. antonello brown Says:

    i think p.diddy should just fire back at 50

  2. Avette Chambers Says:

    Glad to hear that the beef was squashed. The hip hop community needs to go back to the basics and not participate in the world’s hatriate. We in the community need to concentrate more on positive things such as getting Tupac a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If we don’t stand strong together, how do we expect for people to consider us people to stand tall and strong. We have the power and knowledge to be powerful within the world, we just have to use our knowledge wisely. Thanks for the time.

  3. G'sters Says:

    I think 50 is a punk and wants to be onto. Don’t get me wrong–he is a good punk when it comes on to his Rap.

    Man, Diddy is the original bad boy.

  4. Mrs. WhutevaMan Says:

    Who gives a damn. Diddy hasn’t given me a dime, and 50 aint trying to holla either. These niggas make money off silly mofo’s because y’all rush out to buy albums just to find out what was said. At the end of the day, all you have is gossip and those niggas is sitting back counting cheddar on trips all around the world. So I say fuck that. If it was squashed I’m glad, one less gun shot victim in the trauma center.

  5. Sinovuyo Says:

    50 cent sounds to like retarded kid who just stumbled into the fame and wealth. No intellect whatsoever.He wants to fool everyone by saying that rappers are jealous of his success while in actual fact he goes all the way to provoke other people.He has the money now, so he needs to grow up now, something that visibly lacking. Let’s go down memory lane and check what Diddy has survived and achieved in these past years.50 has no hope in hell to match that, fucking idiot!!

  6. AXON Says:



  7. Dajah Says:

    I don’t 50 is a bitch and thats all I have to say

  8. Dajah Says:

    50 is a bitch and thats all I have to say

  9. miscue Says:

    50 is d bitch i hate dis nigga men …. diddy is my dog.badboy 4 life

  10. precious Says:

    50 is so sexy

  11. precious Says:

    50 is so sexy.

  12. HS Says:

    men fuck 50 his bitch

  13. MABASA OC Says:

    50 cents does not know what his in for. Diddy is a motherfucker, he’s been in the game 4 a long time. He knows how to roll.

  14. james uche Says:

    fuck 50 diddy is the main man and he is the kind of person every fucking human will like to mitate i love him so much

  15. Frank Says:

    I fuckin hate 50….HE doesnt have a career if he aint makin diss tracks. And isnt 50 tryin to b like Diddy..bein all in the background of his artist screamin out G-unit and Get’em Buck! Fuck this dude.Diddy bigger than that. 50 jus hatin cause he knows who the king of New York is and Biggie left the crown at Diddy’s house.

  16. Shady Soldier Says:

    Man..50 is hot..Ok maybe recently his work aint been as good the the Get Rich Or Die Tryin Era but trust me Fiddy will be back better than ever..
    Diddy aint no rapper he’s a punk who makes money off others a main source Biggie..Biggie was hot but fiddy is a gay ass dancer.

    I checked his stupid ass album out Press Play & It sucks the majority of the album is about love the fagat…

    50 Cent 4 life

    Who Shot Biggie Smalls..? We Dnt Get Him they gon kill us all..
    Man Puffy No Who Hit The Nigga Man That Nigga Soft..
    Hes scared the boys from the West Side will break im off!

  17. Sam Says:

    Man 50 is a pussy ass nigga!!! Jealeus ass muthafucka!!! Daddy is the real Hustler!!!

  18. wileycat Says:

    ggggg-uuuniiitttttt diddy is a cocky mother fucka his album is wack if biggie was alive then maybe his shit would be all that

  19. Mad Money Says:

    Im from South Central LA Where only the Strong Survive……50 Cent is the Hood….He knows you have to flex your muscle or some one will eventually bring it to you….Im so trired of people talking all this peace talk…..you cant have peace when most of this guys are young and straight out the hood….They dont know anything but Beef…..Man Its only gonna get worst

  20. Shady Soldier Says:

    Diddy has been going on and on for months & months about the release of this press play album…..Diddy it sucked…U mite aswell call yourself D’Angelo since this album is for pussys and since you chamge ur name that often you skinny ass nigga..!
    Come on man you just did a song with a pussycat…PUSSY!!
    Ur either all peace or ur gangsta…Make ur muthafuckin mind up Bitchhhhhh!!!!!
    Not assd you get Diddy & Fiddy
    Get them both in the hood and tell them to get it onnnnn…
    We’l see how tough this bitch Diddy is…..

  21. cosmo Says:

    fuck g-unit.

  22. C. RED Says:

    Diddy needs to stop fucking over his artist. He would have probably did the same to BIG in the long run.



  24. Ghostwriter Says:


    50 fuckin snitch is a little nigga, Diddy should go on where Game left the pussy

  25. nikes Says:

    diddys the bitch 50 would fuck him up with words or on the street

  26. Underdog Says:

    well i dont know wat the fuck is going on but i think they both r some pussy ass niggas that could get there ass beat by a cat they both have forgoten wat it really means to be a gangsta and y they left the getto i think they should get intouch with that part again so they can make real music again if not they just need to shut the fuck up peace out oneway,the way lata

  27. yankuba sandy Says:

    As for me i don’t think p. diddy is a real thug, because he had run the game for so many years.why can’t he give chance to others that’s why
    i say he is not a real gansta.50 is now doing the real thing in hip-pop
    he make’s me remember man like 2pac and biggie of course this guys are real thug.

  28. lloyd dolars Says:

    fuck 50 cent.he aint got anything for himself yet compared to didy.i personally will make sure his kids don’t grow.fuck all you mutherfuckers (G-UNIT). you guys are too poor for didy ok.didy will keep on making his mother and you will never get on his level ok.fuck you poor rat bitch ass.

  29. gogo Says:

    Is 50 Cent simply looking for publicity by trying to diss the biggest man in Hip Hop, Sean “Diddy” Combs?

    the biggest man in hip-hop???? how the fuck is diddy the biggest man in hip-hop??..because his rich??
    man.. who da fuck wrote this shit? bitch nigga diddy aint got nuttin to do with hip-hop. listen 2 his lyrics man > hip-hop had 2 be the music wit “da message within”, now muthafuckaz, all they do, is copy lyrics from Pac and rappin bout they havin money and bitchez(WHICH THEY PAY FOR), they don’t rap bout society, all I can hear in rap songz now is hoes that claim to be thugz, that claim to be playes, (now how the fuck can u be a playa when u pay for pussy, u pay hoes 2 fuck u. and dat should label u a playa?.. shits fucked up here,) everyone wanna act powerfull now cause they’ve seen themselves rich, lots of these bustaz didn’t have any fuckin entourage at all…they all are some 2Pac wanna be muthafuckaz, you can’t hear no more a rap album like 2Pacalypse Now the album that pac started with, rappin bout THE WORLD HE LIVED IN. everybody starts now wit a nr 1 single like 50 did wit in da club..why ? because it sells. that ain’t hip-hop, that just business, hip-hop is a culture. how can u rap bout u doin so fuckin good instead rap for the society that u live in. anyway I dont give a fuck bout 50-diddy beef all i know is dat 50’s got good music to party on, nuttin more. AND FUCK THE MUTHAFUCKA Sean Combs, just look at him… he’s a clown, a mascot for low quality entertainment. you dont have 2 be smart 2 be able 2 make money, u just have to be lucky, and he’s a dumb lucky bitch. IN LIFE all u can do is try 2 use a dumb muthafucka if u can see that he’s stupid, (like diddy uses other fools dat are more dumber than him, and make money for himself), he’s never gonna accept the idea dat he’s a dumb stupid bitch and that he should try 2 grow up, he’s not gonna take dat, no matter how much u gon try explaining dat to him, he’s gonna die wit the thoughts that he was the smartest nigga that lived. Fuck dat & fuck him and all u fools that are down wit him.

  30. makaveli Says:


  31. Dark Soldier Says:

    Whats all this about 50 going after the main man on hip hop?

    Puff aint the main man – Jay-Z is the main man in hip hop!

    Puff is the past – He and Biggie should swap places!

    Hip Hop is Dead is an ill track

  32. Bad boy 4 live Says:

    You all shoud have a little respect diddy is not the best mc but he is the greatest entertainer in bizz so fuck 50 and gunit 50 should know what happend to 2pac maybe puffy is not a gangster but he is the king in new york so i think that he know some of new yorks real G´s bad boy 4 live r.i.p. BIG

  33. le mahmut mahallaa Says:

    I don’t think that Diddy is the greatest rapper in the world, but you can’t ignore that he’s been a major influence in the rap comunity. Also Diddy is a great buisnessman like most of the rappers nowadays BUT 50 is also great at buisness. Most of you think that 50 is a punk and all that, but how come he’s a millionare? Because he sells a lot of albums. How did he become that famous? Because he started beefing with everyone. That is the reason why he started with Diddy now, because everybody will talk about it. Stupid punks like me who writes this or you who read this will talk abour this and that is what 50 wants. Even if you don’t buy his next album somewhere in your mind 50 will become more and more of a rapper and someday you will respect him like you respect Jay-Z or Nas or Snoop, because he’s always been there.

  34. Jeras Says:

    Fuck all ya motherfuckers how try to diss Diddy. G-unit is bitches how are try’n to make a name for themselfs, so fuck them and all the fuck’n fag west coast g’s. I hate 50 and all is bitch ass nigga’s!!! Notorious B.I.G rip. Bad boys is KING!

  35. lil'puff Says:

    thats the fuckin game and everybody knows that.that makes Diddy the best player.the story talks for him.fuck everybody else

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