Will Suge Knight and Death Row Records come back?

As a big fan of everything that Death Row Records and Suge Knight have acheived, I thought I would see what your thoughts are on whether there is going to be a re-birth of Death Row Records.

 Personally I think there will be a re-birth – Suge Knight is a man with an ear for music.

 Let us know what you think…


6 Responses to “Will Suge Knight and Death Row Records come back?”

  1. Young D Says:

    I think that Suge will be back. He will bring DR back and they will be back on top. May seem hard to believe now but Suge and DR will be back.

    West West Y’all

  2. knight Says:

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  3. Ralph Says:

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  6. O.J Says:

    fuck suge and DR

    DR will never be back on top, every hardcore and potential hardcore rapper though hes a conning murderous scamming joke

    bitch azz prick killed hip hop’s greatest star

    rip pac fuck suge

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