Cassie’s Debut Released on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and Ryan Lelie’s production company Next Selection

Cassie’s debut a very suprising debut album. If you thought Me & U was as good as it got for Cassie try understanding the sheer quality of her debut from Ryan Leslie’s Next Selection through Diddy’s Bad Boy Records Empire.

Surprisingly Sean “Diddy” Combs doesn’t produce or write a single track, however who needs him to when Ryan Leslie pulls off the quality he does here. A signature sound is a phrase that springs to my, but more importantly it is the close knitt relationship between R-Les and Cassie which makes this album a masterpiece.

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14 Responses to “Cassie’s Debut Released on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and Ryan Lelie’s production company Next Selection”

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    CASSIE!!! you are the biggest poser i have ever seen. u were asked if u reminded yourself of aaliyah, shit you dont even compare to her, diddy id prettier than you. hmm. the same mellow tone voice, the black pants and bikini, the hair, all you did was copy her, and u aint gonna make it u fake cunt.

  2. courtney Says:

    cassie do you really like Bowwow if you do you out of luck cause he go with someone sorry to say cassie.He goes with Rev Run’s daughter sorry bye cassie see you later.Trevor willieams wants to go with youu thow he not ugly bye.~~~~~~~~~~LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~YOU~~~~~~~~~~

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